A Ton of Bricks


If you ever wondered what a ton of bricks looks like, it looks like this: one pallet. I helped my DH unload two pallets today.

December 5, 2015 42928 PM PST

Haha, we’re 62 bricks short of a load!


This is a lot harder than the 7-minute workout!

Helping unload bricks is the least I can do, and the least I actually do. In addition to moving bricks, my amazing husband has moved on his own:

– 4 tons of dirt. Shovel into wheelbarrow, wheel it, shovel it out
– 5 tons of gravel. Shovel from truck to wheelbarrow, move it, shovel out
– 1 rented plate compactor
– 1 ton of sand


My hero! ❤ ❤