A Ton of Bricks


If you ever wondered what a ton of bricks looks like, it looks like this: one pallet. I helped my DH unload two pallets today.

December 5, 2015 42928 PM PST

Haha, we’re 62 bricks short of a load!


This is a lot harder than the 7-minute workout!

Helping unload bricks is the least I can do, and the least I actually do. In addition to moving bricks, my amazing husband has moved on his own:

– 4 tons of dirt. Shovel into wheelbarrow, wheel it, shovel it out
– 5 tons of gravel. Shovel from truck to wheelbarrow, move it, shovel out
– 1 rented plate compactor
– 1 ton of sand


My hero! ❤ ❤

Art: Seeds of Love


My final watercolor class is tomorrow. We’ll be exchanging Seeds of Love (mini mandalas). Here are mine. We only need to bring one, but I needed more than one attempt to create something gift-worthy! The upper right one won’t be gifted, it’s a hot, orange mess! I’m happiest with the bottom two.

I thoroughly enjoyed taking this six-week class from Michele Faia and happily recommend her!

Updated: Ready for tomorrow!

A Chore Became Art

Hooray for my recent art projects*! They made me more open to helping my DH with a long overdue house project – painting the stucco around a sliding door we put in. It’s about time. It’s only been FOUR years since we put the door in, haha! ;-P

Openness to helping due to recent art exposure: +1

Painting really rough stucco: -2


Work in progress

As I was scrubbing…. er, “painting” along, the hashtag in my head was #slowesthousepainterever DH finished his other project and came to the rescue with a roller.

…. and we discovered – Oh look! The paint we used does not match the wall! Frick! Now what? The most straightforward thing to do was to paint the rest of the wall. But I just couldn’t face slapping more paint on the stucco. And then I thought – What if I Zentangle it?





Serendipitous art! For zero foresight, planning, sketching or anything, I’m pretty happy with how this came out. This project went from #slowesthousepainterever to #izentangledmyhouse ! Haahahaaaa!!!

Today’s Zentangle tool: cheapie, 3″ brush. This ain’t your Micron pen!


Hooray for spontaneity!

Chore turning into art: Priceless

*I learned about Zentangle last year. Before that, I believed “I can’t draw” and “I don’t like art.” I didn’t realized I had art inside me! My Zentangle albums are here and here.