Welp. There goes my “not a gamer” status!


#nekoatsume #day3

This article captures why I like the game so much!


“While Neko Atsume is addictive, it is almost blissfully pointless. Humans scatter bowls of [food and toys around their virtual yards.]. Then they check back in on their smartphones periodically, hoping to spot some cute felines that have dropped by for a visit.

Neko Atsume is a game in which there’s no reward beyond the chance to admire cute cats as they poke their heads out of a pile of leaves and nap atop pillow designed to look like pancakes. That’s pretty much what hanging out with cats is like in real life too.

The best prize is their company. We feel honored when cats spend time with us … because most of the time, they just do whatever they want.”