Sharing. It works!!

The other day, I re-shared a Tiny Buddha post about respecting and accepting our own desires and intuitions. I’ve been doing a lot more consuming and re-sharing these days, rather than blogging, and I’d been questioning the value. Seeing myself referenced here in my friend Tracy’s “Less is More” post was a total surprise. Thank you, Tracy, for reaffirming that sharing works. Sharing can help others in ways that we can’t predict or imagine. ❤


lessAfter a stint of furious blogging (well, for me anyway), I’ve been finding it hard to do a post at all. I didn’t feel like I had anything to say. I’ve heard it argued that if you give yourself the goal of posting once a week, you’ll find something to say. But I’ve watched others who make it a regular habit, and I would have to say that not everything they post really needed to be said. Maybe for them it did – I guess I shouldn’t really judge their efforts. But for me, I want whatever I write to be worthwhile. I don’t want to create a post just because I promised myself I would.

Yes, there is something to be said for consistency of timing. I would prefer to be known for consistency of (or at least above average) quality. I hope to limit the number of times…

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2 thoughts on “Sharing. It works!!

  1. Thank YOU! This is what I’d been wanting to talk to you about, but we kept missing each other. I’ve been feeling guilty/bad about not posting and wanted to talk about it. Reading this helped so much! Thanks to you, and to the author of that post!

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    • Aww! I saw a tweet from my neighbor the other day, “Do you think it’s possible for one to express themselves adequately and completely using just retweets?” My reaction was “No”, and I still don’t believe RTs are adequate and complete expressions, but there sure is something to them. Mmmmwaaah! Sending kisses and hugs from here!

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